Family (Whoa!) Shopping toys


Have you seen this?  I ordered this, thinking that the grand-niece and nephew would enjoy this.  Its been 4 days and the adults are having more fun than the kids who have been gone.  Eddi and Elysia have been having fun with these round little things.  The kids got to see them for about 5 seconds as they were going home.  I have been told to order more because the 20 or so pieces I got, are not enough.  I even, at the age of 50, got stuck playing with them when they arrived in the mail.  lol

   I’m gonna have to order this large pack, just to satisfy everyone.  They love legos and games like Minecraft.  They are my little nerds and their dad taught them to build worlds on Minecraft.  They are quite good at it.

I wonder about this one?  The robot looking thing looks like it could be fun.  I imagine that “Godzilla” (me) would have fun smushing these as they build them.  Baby Jacub could help me. The other one is too expensive but looks interesting.

Look at these beauties.  Boy, am I gonna have to budget for more toys.  I’m gonna go for now.  Have fun.  Darlene

Family (Whoa!) Shopping

Good News…

Great news, not good, great news…Our mom is awake!! She is talking to doctors and giggling. I don’t know why she giggling, but I don’t care. Now, we just got to get looking at nursing homes in the area so we can all start visiting, en masse. Lol.

Eddi called me stupid so I informed him, that as a stupid person I wasn’t feeling the need to buy his atupid game. (So there) Jaeson, my nephew in law, suggested that we see if Eddi could go a week without insulting or cussing! So far, he’s only lasted about six hours, only because he’s spent that sleeping. Lol. I do admit, I find him vastly entertaining, especially when I find something to irritate him with. And don’t put us the back seat together. It tends to be, “Mom! She won’t stop bugging me. Stop it. I’m going to tell mom!” I can’t help it. He’s so easy to bug. Lol. Christine just rolls her eyes at us. Sometimes, we have little Jaycub with us, which is worse, I think.

Its awlays loud at our house. 3 kids under the age of 7, Eddi who can’t stay quiet for anything, his mom yelling at him for not doing his chores, Renee who is his big sister and torment him like a big sister does, 2 dogs who like to snuggle, Nette, who looks confused and lat but not least, the oldest of all, me, who’s, “meh!” The house is too small but we are too poor to buy a house, yet. I have an Amazon addiction, its not bad but only because I have budget. So I’m going to decorate my new “house” and share with you all the pretty stuff I would buy if I won the lottery. lol. This way, Eddi won’t cuss at me when packages arrive, although the little ones like opening packages. Ear phone, shoes, clothing, ear buds, pens (I love pens)gadgets, and anything I spot on the site. I even ordered my phone on Amazon!

Todays choice is going to be coffee tables and books to rest on the table. I was looking up stuff because I had to look up something due to menopause because I was waiting for Nette to get out of the hospital. Oh, yeah, Nette had to go to hospital so Christine and I, took her. She was treated and released so we had some time to fill. I don’t choose any table that are glass because we have kiddies that would stumble and fall and even some adults so its not safe.

Here is some books to go on those coffee tables… window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);} gtag(‘js’, new Date()); gtag(‘config’, ‘UA-172732396-1’);