Family (Whoa!) Lizards


All you need is a reliable car and go!  Our rule, me and Eddi, is no interstates.  Mostly, we travel on 2 lane roads.  Most times we stay in Oklahoma but a few times, we have strayed into Texas.  We live about 45 minutes from the Texas border so its not hard to stray there.  We love antique stores where I love cookbooks and he loves tiny copper toys or sharp objects.  Most times we don’t stop anywhere, except for snack stops, just keep driving.

One of our favorite spots is Chickasaw National Recreation, or Sulpher area.  Sulpher is the small town where the park is located.  We even love driving thru town and finding new routes thru the town.  Since Eddi is under 18, we can’t go to the small casino but the candy shop on the other side of the hotel is game.  Its the only hotel in town with casino on one side and others shops, including the candy store, on the other side.  There’s a bluff that over looks the entire town by the Veterans Lake that we enjoy visiting.  Eddi tends to freak out his mother by going to the edge of the bluff.  Driving around the park is very relaxing, the sulpher spring runs thru the park and the deer know they are not hunted so they run everywhere.  You have to go low speed at dusk because the deer love to run across the road, perfect time to take pictures of the local wildlife.

Another favorite is Mountain Lake, near Ardmore, Oklahoma.  We go the back way thru a small town near Ardmore and it takes us about a hour to get there.  We even walk on the walkway at the dam on the lake.  Its a prime fishing spot for the area and the drive is pretty relaxing.    Lots of spiders so I let Eddi go first, although the last few times, we took the bearded dragon, Hangry, with us.  He likes to ride on the dash of the car and watch everything.

Hangry loves being perched on the dash, soaking up the rays.  He doesn’t move from his spot.  Last couple of times, Eddi has been sleeping in and doesn’t want to come so I just pick up the lizard and off we go.  I love going to a small town and finding all the old stores and schools no longer open.  Some people take a camera but all I take is my phone, to take my photos.  I love old barns and churches.  Thru it all, Hangry sits in his favorite spot or perched on our chests.  Its so relaxing to just drive and not worry about life’s problems.  For us, road trips happen on the weekend because I have the weekends off so everyone is sleeping in but me. I get curious about what is down that road and just have to drive down to see.  It could be a dead end or it could connect to another road and keep going on.  Its gotten to where I put an extra twenty or so in my budget so I can gas up on my weekend road trips and not mess up the daily gas mileage.
Here is some delightful books…

Have fun…Darlene