About Me

I am Darlene, aka, Whispers. I am a 50 yr old chubby, Native American gal with a whispering voice that breathes like Darth Vader.(Darth Darlene, if you will) I like lots of things and we are going to explore them. I hate drama, will avoid people that stir it up. I have 4 sisters, all younger than me. I have no children but I help my sister raise her daughter (now 21) and son, (now 14, snot nosed heathen), both of whom are taller than me. I may be the oldest but I am the shortest. (gah) My niece has been living with boyfriend for almost a year, has two adorable step-kids (boy and girl) and her first child, a son (Jae) who is 7 months. He is the first grandchild that my sister has blood but we claim all three.

I love cookbooks but stopped cooking for the most part. I will post recipes when I get time. My niece had taken up gardening. My nephew loves his games. I like to write. I am a very laid back person. I find people are generally stupid and entertaining. I love to laugh and find humor in most anything. I don’t smoke, not even the happy weed, ( it smells like Christmas) or drink. I don’t judge those who do, we all make our own choices. We, I live with my sister and her son, have 2 bearded dragons and you will get to see the cutie pies some time in the future.

I used to be warm blooded but 2 years ago, I had a mini stroke-like thingy thang and lost speech for only 2 days so now I get cold easy. Since its started getting hot, I go out and sun outside to get warmed up and Eddi tells everyone that I am part lizard. We take the lizards everywhere and no, they are not iguanas.

I am a 3rd generation type 2 diabetic and all of us sisters also struggle with high blood pressure. I am lucky, I don’t have to take insulin, just a little pill, not metformin, for mine. I can’t even watch mu sisters inject themselves. Eww, needles.