Say “hello” to the youngns. Its hard to keep them still enough for a photo. Eddi is the big guy, 14 years and already 5’10. We think he’s gonna be at least 6’3 like his daddy. They wanted us to take him to the dr. when he started school and have diagnosed as ADHD but we talked and chose to keep him drug free. Instead we fed him coffee drinks, mt. dew and energy drinks. It worked, it mellowed him out so he could function at school. Since he’s older now, we don’t let him have too many energy drinks since his daddy died of a heart attack (complications from high blood pressure/diabetes) and we want to live longer. He is a “weeb” as he calls hisself and his friends. All I know is they love games. He is a devoted uncle to the kids and he is loud. Which is why, to this day, I can hold a conversation and watch a movie at the same time, without getting pissed. We both share a love of homemade popcorn, nature shows and documentaries. He has a potty mouth like his momma but loves knives like his daddy. His hobby is to drive his momma batty until she throws an empty dt coke bottle at his head. Usually has Hangry in his arms or chest,

Next in line, is Ev (nickname) who is 7 yrs old. She is my niece’s step daughter but I love her like she is kin. She is sassy and tends to drive Renee, my niece, crazy. I’ve known her about a yr and half. She loves unicorns, mermaids and legos. Since her dad is a nerd (I say that with love) she loves minecraft. She is a devoted big sister to her little brothers.

Kota (nickname) is next and he is 6. He’s asmatic and sometimes spends a night in the hospital because of it. He is a chunky monkey and is starting to have OCD issues. He loves legos and minecraft, too. Very pleasant boy who’s fav movie is Madeline and UP. I got him hooked on those applesauce pouches, on purpose. Christine tricks him into vaccuming the floor.

Jaecub (nickname) is the youngest and my niece’s, Renee, first child. He is only 8 months so he is still in the spoiling phase. He has a missing bone in one of his arms so its smaller and crooked than one arm. He has no bone in his thumb. We call it his “wing” and most folks don’t even notice it. To us, he’s a normal baby boy that needs to be spoiled like all kids. Eddi will yell at him and he tries to match his volume. He is a happy baby but he is teething right now. He doesn’t cry when he is teething, just runs a slight fever.

Thats all the kiddos right now. Christine is trying to talk Renee into giving her a grandaughter to which she replies that she’ll go have sex with her fiancee and then Christine clutches her ears, saying that she didn’t need to hear that. lol. Well, I gotta go eat supper with all the heathens. See ya later. Darlene