I use Amazon Music for my music.  I have tinnitus due to a surgery mishap when I was about 4 years old so I need the “noise” when I’m alone in my room.  I breathe too loudly due to 2 tracheostomies in my past so having that plus the high tone constantly in my ears […]


These are my grand niece and nephew and I have no idea why they are standing like this. None whatsoever. I turn to their dad, who shrugged and said they just ran to the corner and stood like that. Luckily, I have photo evidence that these guys are weird. They are the perfect example of […]


All you need is a reliable car and go!  Our rule, me and Eddi, is no interstates.  Mostly, we travel on 2 lane roads.  Most times we stay in Oklahoma but a few times, we have strayed into Texas.  We live about 45 minutes from the Texas border so its not hard to stray there.  […]


Have you seen this?  I ordered this, thinking that the grand-niece and nephew would enjoy this.  Its been 4 days and the adults are having more fun than the kids who have been gone.  Eddi and Elysia have been having fun with these round little things.  The kids got to see them for about 5 […]


Mom has been gone for about a week and half.  I still haven’t cried.  Nette cries, here and there, most days, missing Mom.  Christine injured her eye and has those awful sunglasses they give you at the hospital… I was joining them in the suv when I see her, she looks exactly like our mom, […]


Monday, I got what mere humans call a head cold. I was miserable on the scale of 1 -10 being the “corona”, I was at a 2. My nose wasn’t even runny just a bit stopped up. Nette was back home after spending a week in the hospital due to complications to an infecttion. Early […]


About five years ago, we did a new tradition at Christmas time. Quite by accident. Eddi was into nerf guns, big time, so for Christmas, all of us in the immediate family bought him nerf guns. You would be amazed at how many nerf guns there are, even the imitation ones. One shot, multiple shots […]


Spinach and Cheese Dumplings 1 lb spinach Salt and Pepper 1/4 cup butter 1/2 lb ricotta cheese 2 cups flour 2 eggs 1/4 melted butter Parmesan cheese Wash the spinach thoroughly and remove the white core. Cook covered in a saucepan with salt and pepper to taste. Do not add water to mixture. Drain, chop […]

Good News…

Great news, not good, great news…Our mom is awake!! She is talking to doctors and giggling. I don’t know why she giggling, but I don’t care. Now, we just got to get looking at nursing homes in the area so we can all start visiting, en masse. Lol. Eddi called me stupid so I informed […]


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