Family (Whoa!)


About five years ago, we did a new tradition at Christmas time. Quite by accident. Eddi was into nerf guns, big time, so for Christmas, all of us in the immediate family bought him nerf guns. You would be amazed at how many nerf guns there are, even the imitation ones. One shot, multiple shots or the machine gun type. When his big sister learned he was getting guns for the holiday, she wanted some too.

A rule in our family, a Christmas gift cannot exceed 20 dollars. 30 dollars is the highest, on the rare occasion. Santa Claus only brings one present per household and family members give each other gifts. We don’t believe in expensive gifts but in charity and morality. Its not good for a child to get everything. I once threatened Eddi with “socks for Christmans” when he was misbehaving, he quickly straightened up, Our living room is not very big so its crowded on the holidays.

Christmas day was awesome. Everyone loved their gifts and was borrowing Eddi’s guns. Renee shot Eddi and suddenly everyone was grabbing one of the nerf guns and firing their guns. Utter pandemonium happened as everyone got into position and was firing their rounds at everything that moved. I couldn’t fire my gun so much, I was too busy laughing at all the chaos. I was hiding behind the cushions on the couch since I was laughing so hard to even get up, run and hide. You think it would die down once all the ammo was spent but we kept returning the ammo or using it on our own guns. The war lasted about an hour or two until it was time to eat.

Ever since this war, Eddi gets a few guns and we have a war on Christmas morning. Its rather fun. Eddie even puts his guns in a gym bag and initiates gun battles in the neighborhood during that first year. The girls love him because they get guns too and even teaches them how to shoot em. When we hear screaming, we know that they are having a war.


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