A Few Days…

I took a few days off to deal with some stuff. Me and Christine are moving #2 sister, Nette, in with us. We are driving her four hrs away to pack up rest of her stuff then coming back home. But the night before, we get a call from youngest sister, say that our mom is not looking good and she complains that the doctor’s won’t tell her much. We don’t panic though since she has been known to stir us up but I make a statement, “if she is lying, I’m goin to beat her ass!” which stirs up the family. Mention of taping or watch said beat down is flitting thru the family. She can lie all she wants but don’t mess with our mama. Half way up to their home, we get a phone call from Mom’s dr, wanting to start dialysis. She is unresponsive and needs dialysis to remove toxins in her body. Its not the first time dealing with dialysis, so we know what it entails. We are nervously in a holding pattern, hoping her 2nd or 3rd dialysis treatment will make her clearheaded enough to know that we are there.

Nette is driving Christine’s suv and Christine is driving the u-haul van. I am a passenger in the suv and Eddi is riding with his mama, saying he won’t fall asleep. I know its bull crap but I let it go. Hour and half later, we stop for bathroom break and Christine states that I’m moving to the van cause Eddi is SLEEPING! lol His sleeping is making her sleepy. He only played on his game for about ten minutes before dropping off. We get to town and call hopsital and find out that they have already begun dialysis on Mom.

Getting to the house and open it up and which point Nette is mad. Apparently she paid youngest sister to clean out the furniture so all we would have to move is the plastic tubs of stuff. She took a few pieces to sell but left most of it. Its too hot in the house for me and Nette so its all left for Eddi and Christine. We take turns bribing Eddi and I bug him about drinking lots of water since its very hot/humid outside. There are 2 tv in the house but Nette don’t want them but she doesn’t want Ew to sell them either. So I look at Eddi and tell him to go in and break them. He brightens, we usually yell if he tries to break stuff. Christine and Nette nod and so he trots into the house. He finds Nette’s old cane and uses it to break the tv’s.

We go back to hospital to visit mom. We are in her room ten minutes before they bring her back. She is unresponsive but has leg twitches and its real hard to see her like that. We are hopeful though because Christine was exactly like this and after the 2nd treatment she recovered. She starts snoring so that gives us hope. We will never stop hoping. We got back home around midnight. I slept the whole next day, recovering from the heat, since I don’t notice the heat. Ever since the “stroke” I get cold alot so I enjoy the heat. I don’t notice how hot the heat is and I don’t sweat that much. That means I don’t know when to come in out of the heat. I could easily have heat stroke so I watch it. I ration my heat exposure so I won’t scare anyone. Back to the subject, all 3 sisters in one house with Eddi. Renee comes over every day with kiddo so its a houseful and always noisy. I like it. Thats all folks… for now. Darlene

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