Lizards Pets


Meet our Beardie, Hangry. He’s gorgeous, ain’t he? We’ve had him about 3 yrs from neighbor whose son was too rough with the lizard.. We had to give up our pets when we had to move into the low income house we used to live in. We hadn’t had pets in the four years then when Christine checked with the manager, we found out that lizards were acceptable because they spent their lives in tanks. We have never had unusual pets before so it was an education for sure. Eddi and Renee fell in love, instantly. Bearded Dragons. Each one is unique in its own way. Oh, I do remember 2 unusual pets…Renee got an emperor scorpion on Christmas from her daddy but it and the trantular, she and her daddy caught, only lasted about 2 months. Those we couldn’t or wouldn’t pet, or at least me and Christine wouldn’t. I think Renee taught her 5th grade class how to pick up her scorpion when a classmate brought his to class. He had never held it in his hand so she taught him how to do it and proved it worked.

Hangry is called that because he eats his food angrily. He loves bok choy, worms, crickets, berries, and will tolerate various greens and carrots. He is Eddi’s constant companion. He even goes on drives, sitting on the dash, watching everything go by. We take him to wal-mart a lot and he always gets stared at and kids love to pet him. He even has a leash so that when we go into a strange place he doesn’t run off. He likes baths and will drink he bath water if we let him. He has the attitude of a cat but loves pets all the time, especially his tail. Usually if he isn’t in his tank, he is perched on Eddi, watching him play his games.

I can’t imagine life without him and Cheeto, our second beardie. Cheeto is a lazy girl who doesn’t eat a lot and just lays on her log in her separate tank. I don’t have any pics of her because she is photo shy. Hangry doesn’t care if I take is pic, just looks at me like I’m a crazy fool..

Hanngry loves this stuff. Just a spoonful and some water, put it in his bowl and he devours it.

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