Diabetic Life


  For a long time I denied that I was a diabetic.  But when you wake up barfing morning after morning, well you have to go visit the doc.  THEN, even after that, you kinda accept it but won’t listen to what the doctor tells you, it takes another wake-up call to make you listen.  Imean I am living with my widowed sister, Christine, who is a type 2 diabeticraise her two kids so its not like all of this diabetes stuff is new.  Her journey starts with 2 kids (6 yrs apart) then 5 yrs after that DKA illness that put her in a coma for a week, to take care of her sugar. 

   To give you some history, Ed, her hubby and my best bro in law died of diabetes/ high blood pressure issues (heart attack)and it doesn’t stop there.  My mother and all 5 of her sisters are diabetics.  Her own mother was also a diabetic.  Her two sisters were also fiabetic.  you get the picture… Womenfolk in our line are diabetics.  I have both kinds in our family.  Mom only has one sister still alive. 

So, when I say I avoided the “D” word I meant it.  But as with diabetes, high bllod pressure wasn’t far behind.  I didn’t even listen then.  Until I started getting blinding headaches.  one morning, headache was so bad, i clled in sick.  Hours later, my vision blurred.  Next day, still suffering I went to work but couldn’t even see the words on my computer screen, I decided I was too sick.  I drove home, yes, my vision was still blurry, and crawled in bed.  I thought it was my allergies but when I woke up. I couldn’t speak! I knew the words but getting them onto my tongue was not happening.  My nephew grew concerned when I threw a pickle at him but then Christine (who was also my boss) came in gearing up to start trying to talk me into going to the hospital, she was sure surprised when I just nodded.  To cut this short, I stayed in hospital for a week, getting poked and prodded, and I only remained speechless for about 2 days.  After 3 yrs, they can’t decide if it was a small stroke or a brain dohickey. 

   Lesson inall this…TAKE YOUR DAMN MEDICINE.  I’m lucky.  When I started my journey, my A1C was a 7.8, now it’s a good 6.2.  Figure out what foods are good and which ones are bad for you.  My sugar runs 150 in the mornings but if is in the 300 range, I have to throw up.  I take a liitle pill, glipizide, and control what i eat.  I snack all thru the day but have a big supper then a small snack before bed.  I can’t have a whole lot of meat because it runs my sugar up too much.  Because of a orevious illness, I don’t eat alot of veggies so my doc understood and prescribed vitamins to help with that. 

   Well, I’ve got to do some shopping so I’ll see ya later.  Be nice to each other and we’ll talk later.      Darlene

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